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Home Trends of 2021
Written By: Sarah Weinold ~ 3/15/2021

2020 was an odd year for everyone.  We all spent more time at home than we thought we ever would and started to notice spaces, colors, and furniture around our houses that maybe we thought we liked but then decided it was not something we actually liked or wanted anymore.  Home trends change constantly, and with the pandemic being the biggest change, the trends gear this year more towards making your home feel more like a home, while still having to spend time working and living.

House colors have always trended towards the year and the feelings of the people in the home.  The trends have strayed away from all white walls.  Creating warmth with softer and lighter tones is a huge trend for 2021.  People who live in the Seattle area already get enough gray from outside, but they are not wanting their wall colors to be extravagant, so they are leaning more towards beiges and peach colors.  It is a happy color and different from walking outside to inside.  When planning a color for your walls, think about a color that will look clean, and elegant, but not boring.  Each room should fit the room, if you are in your bathroom, you will want a color that is relaxing, if you have a play room for kids, maybe you do want to choose that crazy color that is fun for the kids.  This will help with differing your moods as you walk in the room as well.

Lighting was found to be a huge change over the last year when people were stuck in their homes.  People found that they actually love the natural light from the outside, and love a well-lit house.  Skylights have been very popular since the pandemic hit, as people really wanted that light from the outside, inside.  Adding more windows when remodeling was also a huge trend, and adding more natural colored light bulbs to the other rooms in the home. 

Let's talk about furniture.  When everyone was out and about and never used the furniture except their bed at night, after being BLOG_HomeTrends.jpg stuck inside and needing different places to work, the world found that, the couch they bought for decoration was not actually that comfortable to sit and watch a movie on with the family.  Maybe you found out that you should not have that white couch with your dogs and kids home.  2021 is calling for trendy and classic furniture…but also COMFORTABLE!  One of the biggest trends for 2021 has been sectionals and interchangeable sofas.  These have a very classic, simple look, but can be rearranged for family movie nights, or a night with a couple of friends.  People are changing to furniture that is classic, but usable as well.

The last trend of 2021 that has caught on like wild fire, is bringing the outdoors, indoors.  People want nature in their home to make them feel more relaxed and outdoorsy.  People love the idea of having flowers and plants and nature around them, so they will bring that into their designs and their homes this year.  Many people have taken up buying plants and taking care of plants, and a lot of people like the idea of having a home garden to take care of.  Flowers and botanical designs are trending, because of how the real thing makes us feel emotionally…happy.  Even if it is just in art or on pillow, it will bring the emotion of feeling like you are in nature and therefore feel happy every time you enter the room.

2021 is the year that people will change their homes to fit their lifestyle realistically.  So many people last year realized that their home does not feel like a home to them, and this year those same people will transform their home into somewhere they will be happy to come home to after a long day of work.  Find something that makes you happy and change one room at a time, you will most certainly feel a difference.

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