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List Of Great Local Businesses
Written By: Sarah Weinold ~ 3/8/2021

If you are moving to Seattle or any of the surrounding areas of Seattle, then you know that there are a lot of restaurants and bars that you can go to!  With COVID, most of these places have gone to take out only, but here are a few of my favorite spots to grab a drink from whenever I can. 

  1. The Nook. This small and cozy bar is in West Seattle and is everything you want when you are having a night out.  It only consists of craft cocktails, and relies on a café around the corner for food.  The owners, two brothers, spent weeks thrift shopping for all of their glassware, so no two glasses are the same.  Their cocktails are worth the drive out for a drink in Seattle.
  2. El Toreador.  This small family owned restaurant opened in 1980 is one of the best places that you can get authentic Mexican food on the Eastside.  A mother gifted her three boys her homemade authentic Mexican recipes and from there they have dedicated their lives and their talent to ensuring to keep their mother's legacy alive. 
  3. Merakii Hair Salon.  This salon is owned and ran by Adrienne Baker.  She can cater to all of your hair needs, whether it is from color to just a hair trim.  I have been going to Adrienne for years and trust no one else with my hair!  She is easy to have a conversation with and practices safe social distancing while with clients.
  4. Via Lago is a small boutique clothing store operated and owned by Chapman Fina.  They have stylish and quality ladies clothes, and are always giving back to the Kirkland Community.  Their prices are affordable and they are right in downtown…after shopping you can grab a Macaroon from Lady Yum's!
  5. Woodblock.  Located in the heart of downtown Redmond, this family owned and operated restaurant was named after an artwork technique.  Woodblock art replicates multiple layers of color, and the owners Tony and Carolyn wanted to mimic this with the layers of food and cocktails that they serve.  Visit Woodblock for take out!
  6. The Hot Cakes. This delicious dessert spot located in downtown Seattle, focuses on organic desserts.  Some of my favorites include their gluten free peanut butter molten chocolate cake!  

There a lot of fun and exciting local businesses all around the Seattle area.  Most of the them are local and are family owned, and have tried to make it through the pandemic.  If you get a chance, go out and get some food and visit your local businesses to help make a difference!


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